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    I sat in awe of the beautiful morning that God had given
    me. Serene and quiet, nature had yet to fully awaken. The
    sky was cloudless except for a few hues of pink streaking
    just above the horizon. I thought about Bill driving and
    wondered if the morning sun was impairing his vision.
    After so many months this was the first time Bill was
    venturing out alone, and I knew today was a huge
    stepping stone for the both of us, yet I couldn’t seem to
    release the fears that continually rushed into my
    thoughts. I wondered if I should call him to make sure he
    was safe. “No!” I said out loud. “I‘ve got more faith than
    that! Lord, I know you’ll watch over my love, my hero, my
    husband. Let me rejoice and remember the miracles.
    Give me the words to tell others that they may know how
    merciful and good you are.”

    Continuing to stare out into our backyard, I had tears
    welling in my eyes. I could smell the scent of gardenias
    and wished my heart could remember how it felt to be
    carefree. Wiping my eyes with the hem of my dress, I
    glanced over to the stoop and could see the blossoms
    that covered the bush just outside our screen room. Ever
    so gently they waved in the breeze. My thought’s drifted
    and I wondered…maybe this was God’s plan for me.
    Could this quiet time be exactly what I needed?

                                  At the fireplace
    I'd been keeping a journal for quite some time. A month
    had past and I'd not even looked at my notes. I walked
    back into the kitchen. Just where I'd left them, the pages
    were stretched out along the fireplace hearth in disorder.
    The files containing my notes, bits and pieces of white

    How beautiful that bright orange ball looked. It certainly
    meant another hot day ahead of us. I was glad I didn’t
    clean house and get caught up on the office tasks.
    Laundry needed to be done, too, and, oh yes, deposits to
    the bank and groceries. I'd better make a list. I wished
    the coffee would start working on me. I really felt like a
    robot not truly awake, just in motion.

    “Well Honey-Bunch, I gotta go.” As he stood up, he
    placed the cell phone in his pocket. “I’ll call you at break

    “Okay – drive carefully. Be safe. I love you,” I told him as
    he headed to the front door. When he got to the door he
    turned around, knowing I’d be right behind him. He gave
    me a great big hug, almost picking me up, and then a
    kiss. He felt so good, “I don’t want to let you go.”

    “Gotta go… I’ll be back before you know it…” Giving me a
    pat on my bottom and one more kiss, he left to get into
    his van. I stood at the screen door so that when he pulled
    out of the driveway he’d see me waving. As he looked
    back he held his hand in a single wave and beeped the
    horn quickly three times.

    “I love you, too!”

    I returned to the porch with another cup of coffee. The
    gray painted wood planks creaked as I walked over to my
    favorite wicker chair. Sitting down, I brought my knees up
    to get my bare feet off of the cool deck flooring. Curled up,