“Oh, shit!” Startled by the sound of his voice, I awoke and
    mentally shook my head to clear the sleep from my brain.
    I suddenly understood the meaning of Bill’s words.
    “Are you late?”

    "No…well, maybe just a little. I didn’t hear the alarm and
    have to hurry. It’s seven o’clock." He stretched and stood

    Through sleepy eyes, I could see his naked body. I loved
    looking at Bill. Even after so many years, a thrill quivered
    inside me. I didn’t want to move as I watched him pull up
    his jeans. His bare bottom quickly disappeared into the
    blue denim, and I heard him close the zipper.

    Savoring my mind’s thoughts while slipping out from
    under the covers, my feet found the floor. I reached for my
    comfy old house dress. Mm, the smell of clean cotton
    dried in fresh air was so pleasant. I sensed Bill’s gaze
    as the dress slid down over my naked skin. I had this
    dress for so many years. With its scoop neck, cap
    sleeves, and buttons down the front it has only gotten
    better with age. Years ago, I had asked Mom to sew the
    buttons closed permanently. I just needed to pull the
    dress over my head.

    Bill came closer and playfully gave me a hug, leaning
    down he kissed my neck. “Mm… Don’t get me started….
    You did want breakfast, didn’t you?” I ventured down the
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