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                                                           Nina M. Osier,

    Bill and Valerie met in 1962, and promptly fell into puppy love. That was natural enough; Valerie, after all, was
    only 12 years old. That was their beginning, just the same. They married when she was 18, just before Bill left
    for Vietnam. After he came home safely, they raised three children and founded an electrical contracting
    business. With over 30 years of marriage behind them and their family grown, they scaled that business back in
    preparation for retirement. They worked together, no longer employing anyone else, and they both loved it that
    way. What could be better than spending every day of your life - at work as well as at home - with your best
    friend? Who also happens to be your spouse?

    That's how it was on the morning when an aneurysm burst inside Bill's brain. In minutes, Valerie's life went
    from near perfection to waking nightmare. Would her husband survive? If so, would he be the Bill she'd known
    and loved for so long; or would she find herself transferring a shell from hospital to nursing home, after the
    long fight to save his life? And not incidentally, how was she going to stay afloat financially without a source of
    income - let alone pay for Bill's care without medical insurance?

    In this novel based on a true story, God answers Valerie's prayers and questions one step at time. The faith she
    and Bill have shared and nurtured for so many years bears her up when she needs it most. The publishing
    world offers plenty of other true stories about Christians forced to deal with a loved one's catastrophic illness,
    but trust me when I tell you that this story is unique and well worth reading. It's a tale told simply yet vividly,
    and above all it's a love story. Its gritty realism pulled me right in, and it never once committed the sin of
    turning saccharine. Which is why I found it so difficult to put down!

Nina Orsier
Valerie Anne Faulkner's
"I Must Be in Heaven, a promise kept."
Nina Orsier
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