Valerie Anne Faulkner
interviews Rachel Hauck
Christian Fiction On-line Magazine, May, 2009
Rachel Hauck
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    Oh boy! This month crept up on me; I’ve got to clean the house, get dressed, and run to the store. “Bill, can
    you give Jake his bath? I have to make a list and find my good jeans. Hum, hope they’re clean.”

    Peeking over the newspaper, he answers, “I could do that. Jake!”

    “Did I mention to you that Rachel Hauck is coming to our house?”

    “Rachel Hauck?” Bill smirks and acts as though he didn’t know. “Today?”

    “Yes, today. Rachel Hauck. She lives in Florida. And I thought it would be a great idea to have her come to
    our home.”

    Bill unhooks Jake’s collar. “You mean we’re not taking our usual virtual tour? I don’t have to pack the

    “No, she’s coming to our house. Why am I so nervous? Actually, I’m ecstatic. We can have lunch on the
    back porch. She’s bringing her little dog, Lola. We’ll have time to talk about books. This is going to be fun!”

    “Sounds like fun. You’d better get moving.”

    “I think I’ll make sandwiches: a variety of ham and cheese, egg salad, maybe some turkey. Do you think she
    likes chips? I’ll get those good, crunchy ones, low fat. Soda? I’d better get diet and regular. I wonder if she
    likes coffee. Cookies? Um, how about pickles?”

    “Sounds good, Val. C’mon, Jake. Let’s get you all cleaned up. You know how ‘Mom’ gets when company’
    s coming.”


    “Ah, Jake-y, you smell so good! Thank you, Bill.”

    “No problem. You’ve been busy, too. You’ve got the porch all tidied up.”

    “Well, I want Ms. Hauck to see where I do most of my writing. We’ll have some food at the glass-top
    table.   I’m ready with our ‘shabby chic’ linens and tableware. Then later, we’ll relax on the wicker settee
    and chairs. The pool looks so inviting.” I wonder if she’ll want to take a swim.

    With all the windows open it wasn’t long before I heard a car pull in the driveway. A beautiful young
    woman in jeans and flip flops got out of a little Cabrio convertible, holding a pup on her hip. Jake’s excited
    to see Lola, yet with Labrador manners, he lies down to meet this little friend.

    “Welcome to our home, Rachel. I’m so glad to meet you. My husband, Bill, built this house. I’ll show you
    around later, but now you probably want to take a few minutes to relax after your drive. C’mon and set
    yourself down. We’ll enjoy this wonderful weather out on my infamous back porch.”

    Valerie Is there an experience you’ve had being a minister’s wife that has been particularly rewarding to you?

    Rachel: I don’t think there is anything inherent in being a minister’s wife. I’m not a big fan of titles.

    If you’re saved by grace, then you as much a minister of the gospel as a full-time minister. But being
    married to a man in ministry does give opportunity to share and pray with people.

    Working with youth for twenty years has impacted both of us. Being around teens, working with them,
    seeing the light in their eyes when they finally grasp the reality of Jesus’ love for them and that God has a
    destiny for them has been a highlight of my life.

    Valerie: Have you assisted your husband in writing his sermons?

    Rachel: LOL. No.

    Valerie: If you were advertising for Florida, what would you say is the best part about living in the Sunshine

    Rachel: The sun. Truly, you don’t know how addicting the sun is until you visit another place long enough
    to notice the clouds.

    I was in college at Ohio State after living in Florida for many years, and gradually began to wonder, “Where
    is the sun?” Columbus had a lot of rain and gray days that year, and I craved the sunshine.

    Also, the Florida air has a lovely fragrance. I fell in love with the state when I traveled for my job. I’d be in
    some cold, snowy or rainy cities, working long days, then return home to breezy sunshine and a fragrant
    balm in the air. No place like it.

    Valerie: And the worst?

    Rachel: The humidity is suffocating in the middle part of the state. And the no-see-ums. Little bugs you can’
    t see but bite like mosquitoes.

    Valerie: Living on the east coast of the state, have you ever been to or seen the space shuttle launch?

    Rachel: Many times. When I worked in the corporate world, we’d go outside to watch a day-time launch. I’
    ve also seen several night launches. One from my front yard. I’m about forty miles from the cape, but the
    sky was spectacular. The rocket lit up the night.

    Valerie: I remember growing up with my sisters; you have a sister . . . any brothers?

    Rachel: I have three brothers, and I appreciate them because they taught me to get along with men.

    Valerie: How are you and your sister alike?
           Rachel: My sister is ten years younger than I am, so while we grew up with the same parents and
    siblings, in many ways we grew up in a different household, certainly in a different era. I’m a ’70s girl, she’
    s an ’80s. Our personalities are almost opposite. So, we get along great. We do have things in common. We’
    re both easygoing, so we have a good time when we’re together.

    Valerie: In what ways are you different?

    Rachel: Our life journey is completely different. I got married at thirty-one, after college and starting my
    career. She married at twenty-one and had two boys within a few years. Yet we understand each other and
    love the life the other lives. She shares in mine. I share in hers.

    Valerie: Do you live close to all your siblings? How do you keep in touch?

    Rachel: We are spread out, so we keep in touch on Facebook and e-mail. Between my grandma, mom, and
    siblings, there are seven families. So I set up a daily e-mail to pray for one of us and our families each day of
    the week. It keeps us connected. We are all fairly easygoing in one way or another. We let each other live
    their lives and appreciate our uniqueness.

    Valerie: You said, ‘I love a really good prayer/worship meeting where the Presence is there and no one can
    deny it.’ I understand exactly what you mean. Would you describe the way you feel—physically and
    emotionally—when you experience God’s spirit within?

    Rachel: Usually by a tangible peace. I’ve felt a love for others that was beyond my human capacity.
    Occasionally, I will smell a fragrance that is not cologne or perfume. I sensed I’ve engaged Him in some
    way. My cold heart has warmed. There are no barriers between my spiritual eyes and His.

    Valerie: Beautiful! You’ve won awards, have best-selling novels, and your Love Starts with Elle was
    published in ’08. What’s your next title about, and when can we expect to see it in bookstores?

    Rachel: Okay, I’ve won one award, but it was an honor. The Maggie Award for Diva Nashvegas. Recently,
    Love Starts with Elle finaled in the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence and the RITA. I’m very honored to be
    named among the finalists.

    My next title is with country artist Sara Evans. Last year, Thomas Nelson partnered us for a fiction series
    and the first book releases soon.

    Valerie: I read something about that. Tell us more.

    Rachel: Here’s a blurb from the official press release:

    Fans of Evans’s music will find much to enjoy in the inspirational fiction series. She calls it an “emotional,
    Southern-flavored, multi-generational tale, featuring a compelling love story.” Evans drew inspiration for the
    characters from her own family life and experiences growing up.

    “I believe there is power in great stories,” said Evans. “This is the kind of book I love to read and share.”

    I’m thrilled and honored to work with Sara on this project, to create stories reflecting her heart and music.
    We hope they entertain as well as uplift and encourage readers to find hope through the journey of our

    Look for more information this summer!

    Valerie: I love her song “Suds in the Bucket.”

    Rachel: I love that song too!

    Valerie: You’ve traveled, studied, worked, and been married for almost twenty years. Have you ever
    considered a memoir?

    Rachel: No. A memoir has to have purpose and focus, and an audience. I’m just a good ole American girl
    who loves Jesus and seeks His purposes. I’m not sure I’ve done anything memoir worthy.

    Yet, the older I get, the more tenacious I am about people discovering their destiny and walking in it. It
    discourages me to see people merely “living” and not understanding God created them for a divine purpose.

    Valerie: You’re quick-witted and humorous. Would you ever have considered trying stand-up comedy or

    Rachel: No. I’m not quick enough to handle hecklers. And believe me, I’d have hecklers!

    Valerie: What do you do to keep fit? Swim in the Atlantic Ocean, team sports, a particular workout or
    exercise program? Maybe you’d like to elaborate and help motivate the rest of us?

    Rachel: I love spinning! My gym has several of these cycling classes, and I make it a priority to go several
    times a week. It’s an amazing workout. I also like to lift weights. Writing is a sedentary job, so exercise is
    important. Plus, I get really great story ideas from the gym.

    Valerie: I know you have been asked many questions during your career, but is there any one thing you
    would like to share with your fans? Something you haven’t been asked but think they would enjoy hearing

    Rachel: I have fans? Okay, seriously . . . I have fans? All right, no more kidding around.

    I can’t think of any question I wish I’d been asked, but if I were to share anything with readers, it would be
    to know God’s love and destiny for you. Get into the Word, read it, believe it, pray it back to God. Use it for
    dialogue. It’s amazing how God’s Word then becomes living and active (Hebrews 4:12) in your hearts.

    Valerie: You’re a character and amazing. It’s been fun, Rachel. And I think Lola and Jake are all tuckered
    out. Thank you for spending the day here. I feel spoiled. Should we go for a swim? The water temp’s about
    87 degrees! :)

Rachel Hauck