I Must Be in Heaven, a promise kept.
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    Dear Valerie, yesterday, Monday was a hectic day for me, nothing compared to many you have had , i had errands to run ,
    went to two doctors appointments and  CVS...I had your book with me.. I called everyplace I was at. Tore up my car and
    my house and cant find it.. I was at the part were u had gone back to the hospital for the second time, were sleeping there
    and had sitters, i want to finish it..i was reading it slow , mostly at nite, savoring it, do you have any used ones or is it in
    the library?  I am sure i left it at CVS but I called last nite and this a.m and I guess someone else is enjoying it...if I need
    to buy a new one I will. Let me know please as I miss that book...:(   have a blessed day !  :)  
    Your friend .....Jean     

    I saw the interview and it was so great!  Someone actually emailed me and said, "Did she do that with you in person,
    because it sounded like you guys were right there together."  So, you achieved what you wanted and made me look great
    in the process.  Thank you again, for the interview and I hope that one day we will be able to meet - and maybe have that
    stroll on Rodeo!  Have the most blessed weekend.
    Victoria Christopher-Murray

    Wonderful, Valerie! Feedback like this is always inspiring. Congrats!
    Tamara Leigh

    Your book was a definite page turner.  Hope I can sleep now that I've finished it.  Will reread it at another time, I'm sure.  
    What a story...phew, I'm exhausted...the patience it took to go thru the experience.  What a miracle to see Bill as he is
    now.  Terrific.  The Lord did work it all out, in time, didn't he.  Loved so many parts of your book, felt I was on the porch
    with you, looking over the pool, having coffee.
    We've been married over sixty years now and feel just as excited and joyful being together, as we did years ago.  Jerry is
    my best friend and I thank the Lord every day for him.  Throughout our marriage we've changed places in 'leadership'
    and I wondered why...that's what marriage is, though, a sharing, understanding when the other is 'down', and being a
    constant companion.
    So, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks for sharing your book/ I sure see why you won an award.  God bless you as you continue to
    journey thru life.  Your family life is wonderful and the hard times are when it really comes across.
    Warmly, Bess

    Hi Val
    Good for you, another book signing!  I would have been delighted to join you but FWA will be indoors and I try not to
    miss the meetings.  Otherwise, good luck and enjoy the limelight ... you deserve it.  As you know, we had a freeze last
    night and it's looking like tonight will be beastly cold, as well.  So, dear friend, dress warm, take a thermos and stuff your
    pockets with hand warmers!  

    Hi Valerie,
    I really enjoyed the recent article in the Tampa Tribune.  
    We met at the NPR book signing. Congratulations.
    Madonna Wise

    I enjoyed reading the article in the paper about your book
    and you and your husband.  I am glad he is still with you, miracles do
    happen I do believe that!  I want to get the book to read over Christmas
    break. I work with Stacie at HMS.
    Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas!

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    Barbra Vey's Blog "Beyond Her Book" Sunday Matinee  December !4. 2008

    It was my great pleasure to review this book early on. It's wonderful reading!
    Nina M. Osier

    Absolutely LOVED Valerie Anne Faulkner's trailer. Wow, it touched my heart. Having read the book - and it's great
    BTW - the trailer does a wonderful job of making you WANT to read the book. Great spot here, Barbara, :-)
    Shon Bacon

    I have had the great pleasure of reading Valerie Anne Faulkner's "I Must Be In Heaven" and the love that is expressed
    between her and her husband, Bill, in the book is only made more evident through the video trailer. This book is a must
    read for all couples in love, or those who dream of finding a love this profound.
    Candace Runaas

    Valerie Anne Faulkner is a wonderful writer. Nice to see the trailer is as entertaining as her book.
    Robert Liparulo

    I agree with the others about Valerie Anne Faulkner's trailer. It looks like a sweet book about true love. Something we
    could use a lot more of these days.
    Athol Dickson

    What a fun feature, Barbara. Loved Valerie Faulkner's I Must Be in Heaven. Perfect pitch for an inspirational love story!
    Mary Ann de Stefano

    Congratulations, Valerie, on winning the Florida Literary Award!  I loved your book and plan to send it to my sister in
    California.  It was so inspiring and such a wonderful love story.  You definitely have amazing writing ability.  
    Sincerely, Donna

    Hi Valerie,
    I can't wait to read your book. Congratulations on your success! Could you
    please tell me how you found a publisher? Did you self-publish?
    Thanks for any information!

    Rise Up with Ritter
    Hey Bill, I finally did finish the book and thank Valerie for thinking of me with the mentions.   
    Thanks Jon

    Val, I didn't see you at the conference, but I'm sure you must have been notified. Your book took first place in the
    Published Memoir category. You must be sailing in the clouds. Congratulations. You are now "an award-winning
    God bless you.
    XO  Dahris

    Loved the site. I have 2 kids, so I really got a kick out of
    what your daughter said to you while you were writing your book. Aren't
    they the best?

    Congratulations on your latest "adventure" of writing your book.  I
    remember when you and Bill were married and he shipped off to Vietnam...
    You graduated with him away, attended our senior prom with your dad and we
    all prayed for Bill's safety (as well as the safety of many of our
    classmates).  I remember - you always had a smile for me walking down the
    school halls.  I am looking forward to receiving my copy...

    God's Blessings and prayers to you, your family and
    those you touch each day just by being you.  You are
    God's Gift to the world.
    Most Sincerely,

    Hello Valerie,
    What better time than hurricane season to curl up and read.
    I finished your book
    Not too many people can say they read a book and could literally know the characters. The people I have never met are
    your daughters.. I have also been to your residence when I picked up items for the shelter.
    The book is so beautifully written. You have a natural talent.
    I will pass my book to my fellow readers.
    I believe you should give a Christian book store a chance. So what if there are a few tweaks that need to be made because
    of their standards. The true meaning and feelings will still be there.. Even if you take out "oh, shit" and maybe some of
    the "sensual feelings" part, I do not think there could be too much to alter. You will always wonder. What is the worst
    that can happen. A "no" for your answer. Then you can go to another Christian book store.
    If everyone stopped at their first failed attempt, we would not have so many successful people in this world!!
    Did you ever find out the outcome of Mark and his wife?
    Did you return to Dillard’s and see Ta again?
    Respond when ever you have a free moment. no rush. If nothing else, I will see you in December!
    How often can a reader say that to an

    Hi Valerie and Bill,  It was so great seeing you both. I have read the entire book and was quite impressed.  Wow!  I just
    kept reading as it really kept me going and I wanted to see how everything turned out.  I am so glad for both or you.  What
    a special couple you are.  And what talent you have Valerie!
    I am so glad Shaye reconnected with Emily and I learned about this.
    I plan to share the book with my book club and other friends.
    Thanks, Chris

    Hi Val,
    Yes got the book. Mona read it and loved it. I started but haven't finished.. Will find the time to finish it.

    This is a great book. Held your interest, did not want to put it down. Very well composed. I highly recommend that you
    read it. Amazing to see how a miracle can take place in your life.

    Bill is doing a great job on the site!  Very impressive.  

    I should be the one thanking you! I looked over the interview and the introduction you did, and have to say mentioning
    the details about my office (the Red Cat painting and the easy chair where I work) was really thinking outside of the box.
    No other on-line interviewer has ever thought to give it a personal touch like that. For a second there, I even thought we
    met face to face. Great work!
    Thank you very much for your hard work on this, and the opportunity to get the word out about my novels.
    Athol Dickson

    Hi Valerie, just a note to say what a delightful read. I was there with you every bit of the way. Thank God for miracles!
    You have your Bill back with you. It just shows that we never know what lies ahead for us and if we can only remember to
    take "One day at a time".
    Jean M.

    Congratulations on a book very well written.  I enjoyed it so much, I couldn't put it down and read it within 24 hours....
    Received it in the mail Saturday afternoon.  My house is crying for dusting...but it had to wait until I read the book in its
    entirety.  I am so happy for you and Bill and proud of your fortitude during your ordeal.  Most of all, I am happy and
    thankful that the love of your life was returned to you.  I laughed and cried.  I just didn't know Bill was from Florida; I
    thought he was an Island boy!  
    From one Island girl to another........
    P.S.  No wonder you were always smiling!
    I am on Chapter 8 and so far I am so hungry for more if I weren't Mortal and didn't have to eat, sleep, and tinkle, I'd
    never put this Beautiful Gift from God down!  Thank you so very much for this and your spiritual encouragement we
    shared @ the Author's gig this past Sat.  I truly do look forward to the rest of your book and to our new found friendship.
    God Bless and be with you and all of yours,
    Smiles and Hugs,

    May 15, 2008 7:00 AM
    Hi Val, WOW!!! it's taken me a while to finish the book, but I finished it this morning...with tears streaming down my
    face!!! I must admit, I was afraid to read the well written, so many wonderful memories shared! Your relationship
    with your daughter,! How it reminds me of my relationship with Korky!
    I honestly was a bit reluctant to snuggle up with my COMPUTER and start reading an "e-book" but once I started, I
    couldn't wait to begin each morning with my cup of coffee and join you and your family in your journey with Bill again! I
    was so touched that you shared this part of your life with me and so many others!! Thx! so much for sharing your
    intimate relationship with not only your family but also with God! We are so truly blessed to walk hand in hand with our
    Heavenly Father and have him guide us through our lives step by step...following his road map to Heaven! I feel like I
    have truly found a friend in you! (I will AGAIN always be grateful to Amanda for introducing me to you!) May God
    always abundantly bless you for sharing your story with the world!!!
    You've made my heart smile...With love and many blessings ~

    May 9, 2008 8:38 AM