Peer Review                                                      
                                           Shonell Bacon (Chick-Lit-Gurrl)

    The world today is so cluttered with tragedy - one tragedy being the death of marriages...of long,
    enduring forever love.

    And then I read Valerie Anne Faulkner's true inspirational love story, "I Must Be in Heaven,a
    promise kept" and realized that in certain corners of the world, real love exists - the kind that's built
    on faith and commitment and that lasts through life's tragedies.

    What I loved the most about Faulkner's story is her connection to her faith; it's so easy to have a
    tragedy befall you and you not be able to withstand it because your faith is being tested. Faulkner,
    with her faith and her love for her husband, was able to make it through a dark and scary journey.
    She was able to endure of heartache of her husband's medical trauma and persevere despite it. I also
    enjoyed Faulkner's down-to-earth tone. I could hear her voice through every story, every experience.
    I felt connected with her and her family as they connected and plowed through life's circumstances.

    Faulkner's story, as I think all inspirational stories should do, made me reflect on my life, appreciate
    what I have, and rededicate myself to keeping God in my life and keeping my faith strong so that I
    can withstand the obstacles that I know I will face.

Valerie Anne Faulkner's
"I Must Be in Heaven, a promise kept."
Shonell Bacon
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