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    Valerie was raised on Long Island, about two hours east of New York
    City. In the fifties and sixties her hometown Yaphank, was rural, woods and
    fields housed just a handful of dwellings. Growing up in a small town did not
    mean that Valerie would not have big dreams.

    In 1973 she and her husband and their first child began a new adventure as
    they left family and friends and moved to Florida. As their family grew by
    two more children Valerie had the luxury of being a stay-at-home mom
    during the primary years of their lives. This did not hinder another adventure
    however as she and her husband began an electrical contracting business in
    1973. Valerie managed home, children and office while Bill worked out in
    the field. As the children became more independent Valerie dabbled in other
    endeavors including waiting tables and baby sitting as she brought in a little
    extra family income. Meanwhile husband Bill continued to cultivate Faulkner
    Electric, Inc. Which has now been a successful business for over thirty-four

    At one time the couple had many employees and tackled large construction
    projects but over the past seven years they have downsized to a team of
    two. As Valerie became adept in the hands on part of the electrical business
    in addition to skills she had in office management, she began working as an
    electrician with Bill on a daily basis.  

    They continue to reside on the west coast of Florida in a town called Port
    Richey. Their three grown children and their families live nearby as well as
    Valerie’s sisters and parents. When the clan gets together they make up
    about forty in all, last count.

    Valerie is a woman of faith and enjoys life and all her blessings. She is not
    wealthy but is certainly rich. She is a typical American that never gives up.
    She believes in the promise of tomorrow.

    During the course of writing her first novel Valerie’s daughter gave her a
    compliment that she holds in high regard. Her daughter said, “Mom, I know
    I know you, but while reading your book I realized you are a very special
    person with an extraordinary story to tell.” Simply put she finished with, “If
    I didn’t know you already, you’d be a person I’d definitely like to meet.”
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Valerie Anne Faulkner
RPLA Award
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Royal Palm Literary Award